Supercloth Reviews

A sampling of what our customers have to say

“My husband and I have been doing our spring cleaning and are in awe of your Supercloth. We have several on hand and use them to clean just about everything, from outdoor furniture to windows, shelves, mirrors, baseboards, vanities, etc. We think they’re absolutely the best thing we’ve ever gotten for our money. So easy to use over and over by rinsing them constantly. It’s an amazing product that we would recommend to all our friends. We’re glad someone recommended it to us.”

“I order several of them and have been using them for everything. NOTHING...and I mean NOTHING cleans glass and mirrors like the SUPERCLOTH does. There's no lint, no smearing and all the glass looks like it's brand new.”

“...My cleaning lady loves them and I love to use them to clean the computer monitors, TV screens, picture frames, etc. and the Supercloth makes cleaning them so easy!!...”

“...On weekends when I do most of my housework, the cloth barely leaves my hands...”

“The Supercloth is everything it is said to be. I and my friends are very happy with our purchase and plan to purchase more for gifts soon.”

“...I kept one package and gave to my friends the rest. Everyone loves them. I especially like how they clean my stainless steel sinks, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc...”

“I love my supercloth and the last order I gave them away as gifts. I have never been thanked enough for a gift as with the supercloth. Never do away with them. I love love love them. The best product ever made.”

“...Thank you for a superior product and it's worth every penny.”

“...There is nothing like the supercloth. I use it on my computer screens, my television screens, my glass top tables, windows and so many other things. Thank you for such a wonderful product.”

“...10 years ago... I was a cleaning lady and all of my clients wanted them too. I don't clean other houses any more, but still give them to all of my friends and family for birthdays, christmas, etc... I love them!”

“...Please never stop making them and if you do please let me know so I can stock up!!!”

“...I brought it to my place of business...several co-workers tried it and loved it ... They ordered them too!!!!!. They all LOVE the FANTASTIC on mirrors!!!!!”

“...I had just cleaned my picture window this morning with the Supercloth. It is the only thing I have found that will clean the window the first time without streaking. I have a cockerspaniel that puts her nose all over the window while looking outside. When I have used other products, I have to clean the window several times to get the streaks out. With Supercloth, it only takes one time. Thank you for a great invention!!!!”

“I still use my supercloth daily. It is a fabulous cloth that is more than ‘well worth it’! I have saved so much money because I no longer have the need to buy such products, as window cleaner or surface cleaners. I have also cut back enormously on the use of paper towels...”

“...Love these cloths and have given them as Christmas gifts...”

“...Great product. Can't clean without it!!!!...”

“...The SUPERCLOTH is the best thing since sliced bread! I use them to dust fine furniture, antiques, clean glass and mirrors. I ... could not imagine cleaning without them. ... Customer service is excellent! Thank you!...”

“...I'm very happy with my Supercloth. I think it is a very good product. The service I got from the Supercloth Shop was outstanding...”

“...I love your product and have told my friends about the Supercloth. ... My husband loves it and has VOLUNTEERED to wash the mirrors!! And it leaves no streaks on my counters. We love it!...”

“...I have used the Supercloth for 5 or 6 years and love it. It is the best on the market and lasts for a very long time. ... Your service was excellent. Keep up the good work...”

“...I received the cloths right away. ...I was having trouble cleaning glass my aunt (who is a neat freak) suggested I try the Supercloth...”

“...Supercloth is great. My home glistens. Friends ask if I have a cleaning service. My answer is to show them your product. Thank you for such a wonderful time saver...”