About Supercloth Shop

SUPERCLOTH Shop is an independent authorized distributor for SUPERCLOTH products. We import SUPERCLOTH products directly from the manufacturer in Italy, for both retail and wholesale sales in the U.S., Canada and beyond. Our retail ordering has been moved from SUPERCLOTH Shop to our newest web site, HOMEKEEPING Shop, where we sell SUPERCLOTHs and more, and offer a new and improved online shopping experience. For information on wholesale purchasing, please fill out the form on the WHOLESALE page of this web site so that we can send you the information on that.

I started this business because I love the product. My family and friends know me as someone who is unusually fond of cleaning products and always on the lookout for the perfect product, often giving cleaning products as gifts. I have used these cloths for many years. They quickly became my favorite and most indispensable cleaning product because they work so well, and are so effective, versatile and easy to use. I have also become increasingly interested in reducing my usage of harsh and dangerous chemicals in my home, so SUPERCLOTH has been a perfect fit for that as well. When it comes to cleaning, I truly would be lost without my SUPERCLOTHs!




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“These are fabulous and great timesavers. I have ordered many over the years and for every one I keep I give one away to a relative/ friend/ co-worker and tell them the first one is on me and when they need more they are on their own. And, they always want more...”

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