Supercloth cleans glass, mirrors, wood furniture, countertops,
appliances, electronics, cars and much more.
One cloth does it all.

Supercloth dusts, cleans, dries and polishes in one quick step, using only tap water.
No chemicals, detergents or soaps needed.

Supercloth is better than microfiber for leaving hard surfaces
clean, lint-free and streak-free.

Supercloth rinses clean easily and never needs laundering.
Just rinse, wring and keep cleaning.

Supercloth saves time and money.

Supercloth is an environmentally friendly way to clean.

Supercloth is ideal for people with allergies or sensitive skin,
and safe for children and pets.

Supercloth is extremely durable, lasting months to years.

Supercloth is the best selling cloth of its type in Italy, Europe and the U.S.

You'll wonder how you ever cleaned without it!