The European Cleaning Secret

SUPERCLOTH™—The European Cleaning Secret. Made in Italy. As seen on QVC. A super cloth for streak-free, lint-free and chemical-free cleaning. Dusts, cleans, dries and polishes in one quick step, using only tap water. Rinses clean easily and never needs laundering. Ideal for glass, mirrors, furniture, countertops, appliances, electronics, cars and much more. One cloth does it all! Environmentally friendly cleaning. The best selling cloth of its type in Italy, Europe and the U.S. You'll wonder how you ever cleaned without it!

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For those of you who have purchased from us in the past, thank you so much. You were the best. Unfortunately we are no longer able to be in business, but we are able to point you directly to an Amazon page where you can still buy the original Supercloths from the same factory. And, in full disclosure, if you buy any of the products through the links below, we earn a small commission at no cost to you. The only difference in the Supercloths will be the packaging and the size. They are just slightly smaller than the ones we sold (17.5Ēx12.5Ē vs ours at 18Ēx14Ē). If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us.

SUPERCLOTH - The European Cleaning Secret


It cleans streak-free and lint-free

SUPERCLOTH is made from a unique combination of fibers which undergo unique processing that creates a smooth cloth with thousands of microscopic pores and flakes, where the flakes work like tiny rakes to pick up dust and dirt without leaving behind streaks or lint.

It's not just another microfiber cloth

SUPERCLOTH leaves a much dryer, streak-free and lint-free surface than the microfiber cleaning cloths you probably already have. And when itís dirty, dirt rinses off quickly and completely. Thatís not the case with ordinary microfiber, which likes to hold onto dirt even after rinsing. Plus, SUPERCLOTH never needs laundering. SUPERCLOTH also feels different. Itís smoother, thinner, and easier to handle than microfiber cloths.

It cleans a wide variety of surfaces in your home, office, car, and more

SUPERCLOTH cleans most any surface that you would like to leave clean, dust-free, streak-free and lint-free. The list is endless and includes windows, mirrors, glass, furniture, stainless steel, granite, countertops, chrome, brass, large appliances, small appliances, tools, computers, computer screens, cars, car windows, car dashboards, car trim, pianos, desks, office work surfaces, crystal, sinks, tubs, faucets, shower doors, tile, mini-blinds, baseboards, ceiling fan blades, door knobs, stove tops, TVís, cell phones, iPods, picture frames, hand railings, woodwork, collectibles, store display cases, store merchandise and more!

It saves you time and money

SUPERCLOTH saves you time because it enables you to dust, clean, dry and polish in one quick step. It saves you time and money because all you need is SUPERCLOTH and water, eliminating the need to buy, gather and lug around a variety of cleaning products and chemicals.

It cleans without chemicals

Since all you use with SUPERCLOTH is tap water, not detergents or harsh chemicals, itís the perfect solution for allergies and sensitive hands, and safe for kids and pets. It's also just the thing for getting the kids involved in cleaning. And since itís reusable and works without detergents or harsh chemicals, itís environmentally friendly and an ideal green cleaning product.

It's great for businesses as well as homes

SUPERCLOTH is ideal for offices, cleaning services, car dealerships, car washes, salons, stores, restaurants, builders/realtors, and much more.

It makes a great gift or stocking stuffer

Who do you know that would appreciate streak-free, lint-free, time-saving, money-saving and chemical-free cleaning?

It's unique

SUPERCLOTH's patented "High Use" non-woven fibers are composed of 60% polyamide and 40% polyurethane. Always look for the "High Use Fiber" mark on the packaging to avoid imitations.

It gets rave reviews

See REVIEWS to see a sampling of what SUPERCLOTH customers have to say about the product.



Regular Use

Wet SUPERCLOTH thoroughly with warm tap water and then wring out very well, leaving only slightly damp. Then start wiping away dust and dirt. The very slight dampness left behind on surface will disappear within seconds leaving a clean, streak-free and lint-free surface. When cloth is getting dirty or drying, rinse with warm tap water. Dirt rinses out easily. Then wring and continue cleaning.


When finished cleaning, rinse, wring and allow to dry completely before putting away. Cloth will dry quickly. Store away from direct sunlight and sources of heat, and do not store in sealed plastic bag or container. If desired, cloth may be washed by hand with a small amount of a liquid fabric detergent made for delicate fabrics (e.g., Woolite). DO NOT put SUPERCLOTH in the washer or dryer. Cloth may be rinsed in boiling water to sanitize.

Initial Use

Rinse and wring repeatedly under warm tap water for several minutes to remove excess dye or fibers.



See SUPERCLOTH in action. See how to use it and how it can simplify your cleaning.


SUPERCLOTH close-ups

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“These are fabulous and great timesavers. I have ordered many over the years and for every one I keep I give one away to a relative/ friend/ co-worker and tell them the first one is on me and when they need more they are on their own. And, they always want more...”

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